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Adult Services | Articulation

Speech Sound Production and Oromyofunctional Disorders


Do you have difficulty producing clear and crisp speech sounds such as R or S? Have you always had a lisp on sounds like S, Z, SH, CH, or J that you have never gotten around to correcting? You may have difficulty with your articulation or the underlying muscles in the mouth and face and could benefit from speech therapy.


We will conduct a thorough assessment of your individual speech sounds, speech sounds in connected speech, and the underlying musculature that could be contributing to the difficulties you face with your speech in addition to getting a clear picture of the goals you have for yourself. By identifying the distinct motor patterns that you use and understanding your goals, we can develop a realistic and custom treatment plan for you that allows you to make progress towards achieving the specific goals you have for yourself.


You may consider booking a consultation for speech therapy if you exhibit any of the following: 

  • Mouth breathing/difficulty breathing through the nose

  • Lisp/tongue thrusting (tongue pushing past the teeth during the swallow and/or speech sounds, such as “s,” “z,” “sh,” “ch”, or “j”)

  • Accent modification

  • Tongue pushing against the teeth or between the teeth at rest

  • Misalignment of teeth (e.g., overbite, underbite, overjet, crossbite, open bite) 

    • *or any of these issues occurring during childhood that were corrected by orthodontics

  • Difficulty closing the lips to chew and swallow (smacking your food)

  • Limited tongue movement and/or tongue tie


It is our goal at Cascada Resilient Therapy to help you understand your strengths while learning functional strategies to overcome the “rocks” and obstacles in your way. The way we address your treatment holistically will help you meet your goals and thrive in all of the areas where you feel you need support. We look forward to guiding you through a path of growth and resilience.  

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