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Feeding: "Mealtime Peace by Piece"

Parent Coaching

"Mealtime Peace by Piece"

ENROLLMENT FOR OUR SUMMER 2021 SESSION IS NOW CLOSED! Please contact us if you would like to reserve a spot for our Fall 2021 session.

This course is designed to provide families with support strategies for challenging mealtimes and treatment for children with feeding difficulties, picky eaters, and problem feeders through a relationship-centered, responsive feeding framework. Our main goal is to help you support your child in developing a lasting, positive and loving relationship with food, themselves, and their bodies. 

Building internal motivation is the key ingredient in a child’s ability to feel successful around feeding and mealtimes. Mealtime Peace by Piece builds this internal motivation by developing enjoyment of the sensory aspects of food, social components of mealtimes, the ability to read body cues, and confidence in oral skills when eating.

Following the child’s lead is the foundation on which of all our treatment approaches is built, so feeding and mealtimes are no different! Mealtime Peace by Peace teaches you how to be sensitive and adjust your strategies to best respond to your child’s cues in order to help them progress and feel confident, while celebrating your successes in supporting your child as well! 

This course is a 6-week series and will cover the following topics: 

  • Establishing mealtime peace guidelines

  • How children eat and how it affects their food choices

  • Understanding sensory food aversion

  • Identifying pressures and stressors that impact mealtimes

  • Educate, enjoy, explore! How to teach your child to interact with foods in engaging and approachable ways

  • A holiday survival guide with selective eaters

  • Mealtime planning for the whole family

Your family could benefit from this course if mealtimes are stressful or if your child: 


  • Exhibits signs of being a selective (“picky”) eater:

  • Consistently refuses to eat certain foods related to the taste, texture, temperature, smell, and/or appearance (e.g., foods that are wet, dry, chewy/hard, etc.)

  • Has limited foods in their diet or avoids certain food groups (e.g., fruits, vegetables, proteins, etc.)

  • Is reluctant to try new foods

  • Becomes distressed during mealtimes

  • Eats well when given foods they like

  • Has difficulty at mealtimes or mealtimes have become stressful for your family

  • Is a messy eater or chews with their mouth open/smacks their food

  • Has a tongue thrust

  • Gags/chokes on their food or does not chew their foods completely

  • Overstuffs their food or pockets their food in their cheeks

  • Has difficulty transitioning to purees/solid foods


  • Who: Parents and caregivers of picky eaters and problem feeders who are committed to attend ALL sessions and make lasting changes in your home - both parents are eligible for enrollment and are only required to pay one fee total together!

  • What: A fun, evidence-based, and effective course that increases mealtime peace in your home

  • When: Our summer 2021 session is Wednesday evenings June 2nd - July 21st (no session on July 7th due to the 4th of July holiday). We will hold another session Fall 2021. Please stay tuned while we figure out the best possible dates for the Fall 2021 session.

  • Where: Online via Zoom for families ALL across Texas, in person at a predetermined site for residents of Austin, TX. Note: if you are located OUTSIDE of Texas, you may still inquire and be eligible, but please be aware that we may not be able to accommodate you due to interstate reciprocity licensing regulations and restrictions.

  • Why: Reduce stress around mealtimes in your home, help facilitate positive development for your child, learn valuable skills you can implement in your own home, make connections with other parents of picky eaters, feel empowered and confident in your decisions around mealtimes, and MORE!

  • How: Early bird pricing for the course is $300 ($50/class). The full price fee for this course after early bird pricing ends will be $360 ($60/class). We require a $100 non-refundable retainer down to secure your spot or if you would like to take advantage of early bird pricing. No refunds will be given after a predetermined date. Payment plans are available! You will not be charged anything until you are ready to commit and confirm! 

    • ​The price of this course is quoted based on the level of expertise/training, intensive instruction, and preparation that go into the course.

    • As this is a group course, we cannot provide superbills for reimbursement. We do understand that this course is an investment, but it is definitely a worthwhile investment that is results-driven!


If you are interested in participating in the Mealtime Peace by Piece course, please either click "Contact" above and submit a form, call us at 512-661-7971, or email us at to secure your spot! We are also happy to discuss any additional information with you about pricing or how this course could benefit your family. 

*Please note that this course has a limited number of available spots. Call NOW to get your child’s name on the list for enrollment - we are so excited to help you and your family grow throughout this program! 

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