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Cascada Resilient Therapy Waterfall

A Memoir to Our Name

What's with that name? 

"When the water falls, it flies."

The idea for Cascada Resilient Therapy originated at the foot of a waterfall. “Cascada” means “waterfall” in Spanish, which is representative of our Hispanic roots. At Cascada Resilient Therapy’s inception, we strived to carry a name that embodies the connections we make with our clients, our clients themselves, and our central character as a company. We also wanted a name that respected our strong appreciation for the natural beauty of this world and the resilience we know it takes to undergo trying circumstances. A resilient waterfall was the perfect symbol encompassing all of these characteristics.

When admiring a waterfall, one does not typically consider the gradual erosion that occurred to create its beauty. We do not think about every rock blocking the water’s path from flowing. We stand before it, marveling at its resilience—its ability to withstand and recover from difficult conditions. 

For every individual Cascada Resilient Therapy serves, a transformational journey of resilience and growth lies ahead, and we revere the impact of the resilience and growth YOU will have on us! We are honored to guide you down the ever-evolving cascades of this magnificent adventure.

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