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Voice Disorder Therapy and Voice Training/Coaching

Is there a difference?

Voice disorder therapy typically occurs after a diagnosis or surgery issued by an otolaryngologist (“ear, nose, and throat” or “ENT” doctor) due to a structural or physiological issue causing voice changes. 

Voice training/coaching encompasses improving mastery or implementing modifications of your voice for improved performance for any number of reasons, such as job performance, acting, public speaking, etc. 

See below for details or book your free consultation to learn more about how voice disorder therapy or voice training/coaching could benefit you.

Voice Disorder Therapy

Do you constantly sound hoarse or feel like you lose your voice frequently? Do you sound congested all the time or constantly nasal, even when you do not have allergies? If so, you may have a voice disorder. We can help with voice therapy if you exhibit any of the following: 

  • Hoarse voice

  • Weak voice

  • Discomfort when speaking

  • Chronic sore throat

  • Vocal fatigue 

  • Pitch breaks

  • Loss of singing range/quality 

  • Difficulty with breath control/shortness of breath during speech, singing, or exercise 


It is best practice that all of our clients with voice concerns first see an otolaryngologist (ENT) in order to diagnose or rule out structural or functional abnormalities in your system. 


Need a recommendation for an excellent ENT? Cascada Resilient Therapy has had built relationships with ENT offices around Austin and has had great success working in concurrence with them throughout the course of treatment. Contact us for a referral!


After consultation, we will work with you to help eliminate voice issues or develop functional strategies unique to your needs to provide you with the most suitable vocal care and quality that work for you and allow you to feel as confident and comfortable as possible. We strive to create resilient communicators who use their voice to empower themselves and others!


Voice Training/Coaching

Your voice is something that is uniquely yours - no one has a voice quite like yours. As soon as you say, “hello,” people begin to observe and form opinions about you. At Cascada Resilient Therapy, we want you to love your voice and feel confident in the way you speak, and we understand if sometimes that requires some fine tuning. We can help you improve your voice for any of the following reasons, and more:

  • A soft voice that comes across as child-like or shy over the phone or in person

  • Difficulty projecting during important speeches/presentations at work

  • Conveying confidence when interviewing 

  • Being misunderstood or having to repeat yourself frequently 

  • High-pitched, whiny quality voice 

  • Your voice does not feel “you” enough

  • You just want to sound better 


You have goals in mind - that is why you are here seeking support. Whether your motivation is for personal and/or professional reasons, if you are interested in enhancing your voice and speaking skills, we can help! Your specific goals are the goals on which we will focus during treatment because we want your successes to be meaningful to you. We typically are able to help clients access their “best” voice during an initial one-hour voice coaching session (whatever that means or sounds like to you). The rest of the work simply involves practicing your learned strategies until your best voice feels naturally accessible to you.


Aspects of voice training/coaching that will be targeted during your sessions: 

  • How to access your most natural voice (diaphragm voice)

  • Pitch modification

  • Volume/projection

  • Breathing/airflow and breath support

  • Caring for your voice

    • Vocal hygiene

    • Healing a damaged voice

    • Reducing strain and vocal fatigue 

  • Articulation 

  • Accent modification/reduction

  • Practicing learned strategies in realistic scenarios/role plays

  • Appreciation of your voice!

Cascada Resilient Therapy’s goal is to help you understand your strengths while learning functional strategies to overcome the “rocks” and obstacles in your way. The way we address your treatment holistically will help you meet your goals and thrive in all of the areas where you feel you need support. We look forward to guiding you through a path of growth and resilience.

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