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Parent Training

Fluency Facilitation

I want to help my child, but I don’t know how! If this sounds like you, you are not alone. So many parents can sympathize with their child’s difficulty communicating but do not know how to best advocate, understand, and convey that sympathy for their child or support their communicative environment. To that end, do we, as parents and caregivers, even know how to help our children develop their most effective and genuine speech and/or selves? If you find yourself struggling with these questions, then it may be time to consider parent training for children with fluency needs. 


How will "Fluency Facilitation" help me support my child?


Our one-on-one parent training sessions, specialized for children with fluency needs (stuttering and/or cluttering), will help you learn how to best support your child during their moments of disfluency and how to best create an environment that facilitates smoother speech, reducing their communicative and emotional load. You will also learn the nature of stuttering and how to help your child with communication outside of treatment in their daily lives. Furthermore, we help you learn how to best advocate on behalf of your child and spread awareness about stuttering. 

Through this knowledge and by implementing these strategies in your child’s daily environment, you will fulfill Cascada Resilient Therapy’s overarching goals: you will help cultivate their individuality, facilitate their understanding of how to love their speech, and facilitate their ability to thrive in their own resilience. And as parents and caregivers, these should be our ultimate goals!

Interested in learning practical strategies for how to best support your child? Schedule your free consultation with us to see if Fluency Facilitation is the right course for you and your child. 

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