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Parent Training

Individualized Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching

Empowering resilient parents to help develop resilient children!

Cascada Resilient Therapy’s fundamental principle is to guide the development of practical skills for our clients, and that includes you parents as well! In fact, we know that you are your child’s best support system, and we have specialized knowledge in how to empower you to become that support system for your child. Our knowledge of adult learning styles provides us with the ability to tailor our approach of the parent coaching process to the style that works best for you


By identifying the stressors in your home, using positive parent coaching strategies that are developmentally appropriate for your child, and teaching you how to integrate these strategies into your daily habits, language, and routines, we can facilitate improved health and development for your child and your family. 


Parent coaching sessions will involve the following:

  • Facilitating secure attachment and connection with your child

  • Improving your confidence as a parent

  • Creating and maintaining daily routines

  • Establishing loving boundaries 

  • Supporting healthy development 


Obstacles through which we may problem-solve during sessions: 

  • Difficulty implementing consistent routines (mornings, mealtimes, bedtime, etc.)

  • Changes in the home environment creating new or difficult behaviors

  • Limit setting with love 

  • Listening empathetically and validating while maintaining authority and respect

  • Dealing with tantrums

  • How to handle power struggles

  • Any other issues your family is facing or causing stress in the home

Cascada Resilient Therapy’s goal is to help you understand you and your family’s strengths while learning functional strategies to overcome the “rocks” and obstacles in your way. The way we address your goals holistically will help your family meet their goals and thrive in all of the areas where you feel your family needs support. We look forward to guiding you and your family through a path of growth and resilience.  

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